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Halal Meats!"


Due to the world wide chicken shortage, we have temporarily made our chicken prices "Market Price" as chicken prices are at an all time high. We have not printed new menu's in hope that the chicken shortage concludes and we can switch back to our original menu prices. We apologize for these unprecedented times and hope we all can get back to normalcy very soon. Stay Safe. 

Bone-In Wings

5 Wings $7.99

10 Wings $13.99

20 Wings $24.99

50 Wings $59.99

100 Wings $109.99

Boneless Tenders

3 Tenders $5.99

5 Tenders $8.99

10 Tenders $16.99

20 Tenders $29.99

Popcorn Chicken

10 Popcorn $8.99

20 Popcorn $14.99